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What Do Horses Eat?

What do horses eat? That’s the question that every owner asks – especially when it comes to feeding horses. There is no single formula for feeding a horse, since every horse has his or her own requirements to be satisfied. In a nutshell, horses eat hay and grass or grain, but sugar, concentrates, oats and vegetables can also improve their diets, depending upon the usual work routine and available feeds.

Here is our Horsefeeding Guide, featuring a handy list of what your average wild horses eat to stay fit. The first item on the list is what wild horses love to eat – oatmeal. Oatmeal improves their digestion, maintains their energy levels and prevents lameness, at the same time improves their coats.

Wild horses also enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. A variety of fresh fruit and vegetables can help your horse maintain his health and strength and avoid diseases like colic and gas.

The second item on the list is what do horses like to eat when the grass is not growing or available? If the horse eats too much oats and is getting fattened, hay or grain, he might be in need of a nutritional overhaul. Horses love fruits and vegetables to give your horse a good mixture of greens, grains and fruits.