Del Mar Race Track

Del Mar Race Track

The Del Mar Racetrack in Marin County, California is a famous horse racing track. Thoroughbred racing on this famous track attracts big meets & includes stadium seating, premium restaurant seating & suites. This is the biggest equestrian event in Southern California and is known as the Del Mar Horse Park Classic. Del Mar Race Track offers all types of racing and they have the most stables in the world. The main race track is located between Point St. George and San Berdoo.

The Del Mar Race Track was named for the Del Mar Hotel. It is the oldest continuous race track in California. In the early years it was known simply as the Hotel Track. The first year the race was held was in 1875. The horses used at the track were all from the town of Del Mar.

There are many celebrities that enjoy attending the Del Mar Race Track. Many of them are well known in the horse racing industry. These include former champions such as Terry Hearn and Pat Parelli. The current champion is Wayne Shepherd.

Another celebrity that enjoys coming to the track is none other than football great, John Elway. He is known to come down to watch the horses and gives some advice to the jockeys. He is also an active member of the advisory board of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Racing Club. John Elway is so involved with the club that he participates in horse shows at the track as well as steering a team of horses in the California High Horse Association.

Another prominent figure at the track is none other than former Formula One driver, Jacques Laffy. He became close friends with Elway while they were both competing in the international races. Laffy is one of four men who have won the US National Hare Racing Association Championship twice. The others are Bill Pate, Hal Sutton and Waltrip.

The Del Mar Race Track is owned by Bill Pate. He is a member of the International Association of Horse Racing and is the General Manager for the Belmont Stakes. Bill has a great deal of knowledge about the horses as well as the sport of racing. He takes care of all the details and is always in charge of what goes on at the track.

The Del Mar race track was the venue for one of the very first sanctioned equestrian events in the United States. The first ever race track was established at this location. It featured grass outfitted with shag. This was one of the reasons it was so popular at the time.

It was not long before the track was used for a variety of other equestrian pursuits as well. Today it is still open to the public. It is one of the places in Southern California that is open to the public for recreation. Some of the activities that are offered on the Del Mar race track include racing for class and polo teams, bull riding, golf, tennis, horse racing, and more.

It can be said that the Del Mar race track is one of the best in the entire country. This is because of the many locations it offers visitors. There is a special area for kids. They can learn how to play a little football or they can practice their archery. There is even a putting area for those who enjoy the sport.

Bill Ziemba is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. He was born in San Antonio and he grew up there. Many of his childhood friends were also from the area and they are all here today in the race track. Bill Z is a three-time champion in the Kentucky Derby and he has held several other equestrian records. Many people have seen him in action on television but you should see him in person if you are in Southern California.

Along with Ziemba there is also Frank McCourt, who is another famous Southern Californian. Frank worked for the Gold Rush in the late nineteen hundreds and then went on to do some racing as well as a job with the LAPD. Many people have seen his film “L.A. Kid” which was made in 1998. McCourt was also one of the first celebrities to enter the world of horse racing betting.

The Del Mar race track may not be as flashy as some of the other celebrity spots in the country but it certainly makes for an interesting afternoon. You can even go on an interesting journey through history while you are enjoying the show. It is worth the trip and will give you a wonderful view of Southern California.