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    Taking Care Of Your American Horses

    Many people have an image of American horses as being tough and hard working. While these horses are indeed very hard working, they are also prone to a number of injuries and illnesses which make them unsuitable for many purposes including transportation. There are many other breeds of horse which are less likely to suffer from any kind of injury or illness and this makes them much more popular for use in riding competitions. Are you interested in american horses? Get more news in this way from this source. The American horse is one of the most vulnerable strains of horses in the UK. They are frequently used for show…

  • How Does Horse Racing Work?
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    How Does Horse Racing Work?

    Horse racing is an ancient equestrian sports, usually involving two or several horses that are jockeyed for competition, usually over a short race distance. In the US, this sport is popularly known as harness racing. Horse racing competitions, especially those held on public roads, are often referred to as horse races. As an activity, horse racing has evolved from its original use as a means of survival and means of livelihood in the England’s countryside into a well-loved and internationally recognized sport enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Today, professional horse racing events take place throughout the year in various countries including the USA, Canada, Europe and beyond. When you…

  • American Quarter Horse
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    American Quarter Horse

    The American Quarter Horse, also known as Quarter Horse, is a distinguished American breed of equine horse that excels in sprinting long distances. Its name was derived from its ability, as a horse breed, to outpace other horse breeds at competitive races of at least a mile long; many have been recorded at speeds up to 55 miles per hour. This ability has made the American Quarter Horse one of the most popular and prolific breeds in North America. In fact, in the United States, it is second only to the Thoroughbred. However, although the American Quarter Horse is a very popular horse breed, many people do not know much…

  • Arabian Horse Breed
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    Arabian Horse Breed

    The Arabian horse is a unique breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula. With its distinctive long head carriage and high horseback riding style, the Arabian is perhaps one of the most recognizable horse breeds on earth. It is the largest horse breed in the world with an estimated population of more than twelve million Arabian horses. The name Arabian comes from the Arabic phrase Arabic for “hare”. There is even a museum dedicated to the life and works of the Arabian. Many of the horses of this Arabian horse breed are used in competitions and other events such as polo games and even for riding on desert…

  • Thoroughbred Horse Breeding
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    Thoroughbred Horse Breeding

    The Thoroughbred is primarily a sport horse classified by the American Thoroughbred Association as one of two breeds recognized as official representatives of the sport of horse racing. The Thoroughbred has a reputation as being able to complete the same tasks and distances as the other types of Thoroughbreds – including those categorized as trotters or dressage. However, the Thoroughbred’s greatest claim to fame is as a speed and jumping event. The Thoroughbred may compete in such races as the harness track mile race or the stretch race. Although the term Thoroughbred is occasionally used to describe any generic breed of horse, it in fact refers only to the Thoroughbred…

  • Appaloosa Horse
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    All About the Popular Appaloosa Horse

    The Appaloosa horse is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. The Appaloosa is also known for its distinctive spotted coat style. There are a wide array of different body shapes within the entire breed, originating from the influence of several other breeds of horses over the years. If you are interested in learning more about this breed and are looking for a great companion horse, it is important to understand all of the important traits associated with this breed so you can select the best horse for your needs. For hundreds of years, this breed was a very popular horse used for racing, warping fields, herding…

  • Churchill Downs horse racing track
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    The American Morgan Horse

    The Morgan horse is certainly one of the oldest horse breeds ever developed in the US. Tracing back through the history of the American west, sire Justin, later named Justin after his owner, Morgans served a variety of roles as both a rider and a fighting horse. He was able to take part in the Spanish and French Wars as a horse trainer and he later moved to Oregon to establish a farm there. Eventually, he opened the Morgan Horse Farms and made a name for himself in the equestrian world. What makes the Morgan Horse such an intriguing horse to study is its long history as both a living…

  • Monmouth Park Horse Racing Track
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    Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

    The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse is an exquisite horse breed originated in the U.S. rural state of Kentucky. It is traditionally related to the English Riding Horse and other similarly galloped-waggered breeds, specifically developed as a pasture and riding a horse across a low-grass flat in eastern Kentucky. The horse’s original purpose was to give the people living in the hilly areas of the state with easy access to their livestock, especially during the time when they had no other means of transportation except for their horseback. These days, the people of Kentucky still enjoy riding the horse although they prefer to use modern transportation systems. There are many different…

  • Oaklawn Park Horse Racing Track
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    Horses for sale in California

    The horses for sale in California can cater to all sorts of requirements from racing, polo or dressage to obedience, endurance, jumping or endurance. These horses can also be purchased from breeders who raise them for profit or individuals who want to own a specialist animal, like a Thoroughbred. A number of people who are looking for horses for sale in California come to the United States from countries around the world, especially Europe, South America and Asia. Many of these individuals have traveled for the sole purpose of seeking horses for sale in California, but there are others who do not intend to settle permanently in this state. Whatever…

  • Thoroughbred Horse Breeding
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    Finding Quality Horses for Sale

    You might think horses for sale in Colorado are easy to find. Actually, they can be a bit difficult to locate if you do not know where to look. These horses are considered wild and can freely roam the open plains and mountains of Colorado. This means that they can easily be located and purchased, especially if you have the right resources. Here is a quick guide on how to go about finding horses for sale in Colorado. First of all, you should make sure that you find a reputable breeder when looking for horses for sale in Colorado. While it is true that most people do try to find…